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Artist, Producer, Writer, Actor, BeatBoxer & Super star "Fab Faya" is lighting the Entertainment World on fire. At the age of 12, "Fab Faya" started out combining Mc'ing and Human Beat boxing. Because of his unique voice "Fab Faya" Quickly gaining rapid worldwide recognition and success at the Urban Music scene. In 2000 he won his first International Beat box Competition at the "Nike Beat Box event", But that was only the Beginning for this young multi talent.

In the beginning of 2002 "Fab Faya" was asked to do a show opening for "Horace Brown" an American superstar that was touring in Europe at the time. Around the same time "Fab Faya" ones again was asked to rock the crowd, this time in Germany where he performed for thousands of people at "The Haute Tension" club In Cologne Germany. After performing at the opening show for "Diams" ,a French superstar at club 'Carre' in 2005 "Colour Cafe" a festival in the hart of Brussels also heard of the young Multi talent. they invited him to do numerous of Live shows along with the likes of Alpha Blondy, Zap Mama & Youssou N'Dour who also performed at the festival. Later That Year Fab Faya was asked by "Rosa Mei" from "CIE13" a Theater Group Located in Antwerp to Play the Head character for the International Dance Theater Works Production "Black Monk" together the toured around in various European country's.

2006 which was another Breakthrough year for The Young Multi Talent, "Fab Faya" Representing Belgium Participated at The International BeatBox contest "The Battle Of Est" in Estonia. After his success in Europe, Fab Faya was asked for a collaborated with "Dj Jayceeoh" A new York Based Disk jockey. he Appeared on "ughhxclusive vol.1" which became a mayor success in the states an soled over 100000 copys Worldwide.

After conquering Europe & The United States, Fab Faya decided to set his sights on Northern Africa & The Midel East Starting With A Live Concert At The "Beach Club In Agadir Morocco The National Media quickly noticed Fab Faya's Presence and invited him for A TV Show An Live Performance at 2M The Moroccan National TV Channel for million's of people.

2011 became a new major milestone when "Fab Faya" decided to pursuit a more commercial approach of making music. "fab faya" released his first English spoken music title called "Rock That". The single immediately became u huge International success at the Belgian Club scene. after touring around Europe, Africa & The united States continuing that year ,fab faya also released a single with "Dj Licious" called "Let Me Rock Your Body", a more Uptempo dance record which was picked up by DJ's all around Europe, "Fab Faya" was also featured on 2 hard style records in a collaboration with Mark with a k which became hugely successfully in Belgium & the Netherlands.

The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It
- Fab Faya -